Smart Menu

Smart Menu
Price: $119.95 (£77.97)
Version compatibility:
 X-Cart v4.3.x, v4.2.x and v4.1.12
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Total: $119.95 (£77.97)

Smart Menu,
the Advanced Menu Visual Builder

Now compatible with X-Cart 4.3!

This complete tool helps you to create a complex horizontal menu and to build the whole store navigation around it, including your root categories, help and static pages, any custom links and so on.

Look for the screenshots on the next tab!

You can use one of included presets, as well as customize one which is a most suitable for your store.

Moreover, you can order installation and we'll create a unique menu layout to match your store design completely!

The key advantages of this mod are:

For your visitors
  • simple and understandable navigation through the store
  • 100% compatibility with modern browsers

For the search engines
  • clean HTML+CSS
  • completely list-based: UL, LI, A tags only, no tables used
  • SEO friendly
For your store administrator
  • both automatic and manual installation routine
  • visual builder: arrange menu items via simple drag'n'drop
  • up to three menu levels
  • both linkable and unlinked parent items
  • simple, understandable, completely customizable CSS layout
  • completely mutlilingual: create once then edit your item titles as language variables
  • five different layout presets available
  • predefined macros: "Root categories", "Static pages"
  • quick start: autogenerate a particular menu of your store on the first launch
The next version is also coming soon with:
  • an attractive set of cool visual javascript effects
  • another five layout presets
  • expandable custom HTML areas
  • ...and many more!